Measure For Measure

Sept. 28th
– Oct. 3rd

by William Shakespeare|Directed by Jean Randich|Set Design by Amy Rubin|Costume Design by Laurel Haac|Lighting Design by Amith Chandrashaker

In Shakespeare's final "comedy," morality and lust, virtue and survival, character and compromise are measured against each other. Faced with an intractably dysfunctional state,
the Duke of Vienna goes undercover to learn about his people; he discovers that the sterling reputation of his appointed deputy — and the depths of human nature — have deeper flaws than he could imagine.

Tickets will be available on September 14th.

All performances at 111 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor

Playing opposite Clybourne Park

Duke Vincento
Angelo/ Abhorson
Escalus/ Barnardine/ Right Elbow
Claudio/ Servant
Lucio/ Left Elbow
Pompey/ Friar Peter
Mariana/ Provost/ Go Girl
Juliet/ Mistress Overdone/ Froth/ Francesca
Other Doubling/Roles