Design for Living

by Noel Coward|Directed by Laurence Maslon

Leo loves Gilda. Gilda loves Leo. Gilda loves Otto. Leo loves Otto. Otto loves Gilda. Otto loves Leo.

As a trio of young artists living in Greenwich Village, Noel Coward promised Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne that one day they would all be terribly famous, and when that day came he would write a play in which the three of them would star. What emerged was Design for Living, an exploration in being disagreeable, love among the artists, and love among anybody. A writer, a painter and a decorator struggle with — and revel in — their complicated relationship with each other and the rest of society as they rise in fame and drift from metropolis to metropolis.

Performed opposite Major Barbara

Gilda/Photographer/Grace Torrence
Helen Carver/Gilda
Miss Hodge/Gilda
Ernest Friedman
Mr. Birbeck/Henry Carver/Otto Sylvus
Otto Sylvus/Leo Mercure
Leo Mercure