Major Barbara

By George Bernard Shaw|Directed by Janet Zarish

An Officer of The Salvation Army, Major Barbara Undershaft, becomes disillusioned when her Christian denomination accepts money from an armaments manufacturer (her father) and a whisky distiller. She eventually decides that bringing a message of salvation to people who have plenty will be more fulfilling and genuine than converting the starving in return for bread. A comedy with social commentary.

Performed opposite Design for Living

Bronterre O'Brien Price/Bilton/Andrew Undershaft
Andrew Undershaft/Stephen Undershaft
Stephen Undershaft/Andrew Undershaft
Sarah Undershaft/Mrs. Baines/Barbara
Adolphus Cusins
Peter Shirley/Adolphus Cusins
Lady Britomart Undershaft/Jenny Hill
Charles Lomax/Bill Walker