The Time of the Cuckoo

by Arthur Laurents|Directed by Cigdem Onat

An American woman named Leona Samish visits Venice on holiday in the hopes that this most romantic of cities will kindle some romance in her soul. What she discovers, through meeting a variety of Americans and Italians in the shadow of the Bridge of Sighs, is that compromise, surrender, and disillusionment are all part of the tapestry of true love. The basis for the Katharine Hepburn film, Summertime.

Performed opposite Trouble in Mind

Signora Fiora/June Yaeger
June Yaeger/Signora Fiora
Eddie Yaeger/Mauro
Mauro/Eddie Yaeger
Mr. McIlhenny/Eddie Yaeger
Giovanna/Leona Samish/Mrs. McIlhenny
Renato Di Rossi/Vito
Vito/Renato Di Rossi