Camino Real

11th – 15th

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by Tennessee Williams|Directed by Shana Cooper|Set Design by Mikaela Liakata|Costume Design by Constanza Meza-LopehandĂ­a

Director Elia Kazan said of this 1953 phantasmagoria, "the play isn't just written by Tennessee — it is Tennessee." In Tennessee Williams's most lyrical extended metaphor, the Camino Real is the road to unrealized dreams and dusty death. This epic fantasy is set in a baroque ghetto of the mind, where denizens of literature — Don Quixote, Marguerite Gautier — swelter side-by-side with poets (Lord Byron) and playboys (Casanova), looking for one last hole in the fence to escape their destinies.

Tickets will be available on March 28th.

All performances at 111 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor

Sancho Panza/Abdullah
Nursie/Police Officer #1
La Mandrecita
A. Ratt/The Pilot
Jacques Casanova
Prudence/Undertaker #1
Byron/Police Officer #2
The Baron/Instructor
Don Quixote/The Loan Shark/Undertaker #2
Lord Mulligan/Dreamer
The Gypsy
Lady Mulligan/Rosita