NYU Tisch Grad Acting class of 2012 Presents Freeplay

Freeplay 2012

Feb.28th –
Mar. 4th

This weeklong Theater Festival is completely Free for all who attend and will offer a diverse group of works produced by the Class of 2012. Through this festival they will perform not only as Actors, but as Producers, Directors, Playwrights, Choreographers, Musicians, and more. A detailed list and description of all the works that will be presented, and the schedule, will be posted in the upcoming months. Please join us in February for this much anticipated event.

Tickets will be available on February 14th.

All performances at 721 Broadway, 5th floor


by Ruibo Qian and Ross Cowan
Featuring Calvin Dutton, Julian Cihi, Anne Troup, Ross Cowan and Ruibo Qian
Design by Yuki Nakasi and Ika Avalia.

The Devine One-Sassy Swings Tokyo
by Larry Maslon
Featuring Marinda Anderson and David Lam
Design by Kristen Kopp, Rebecca Philips, and Anshu Bhatia.

Dwellers in the Marshes
by Calvin Dutton
Directed by Aaron Costa Ganis
Featuring Calvin Dutton, Robbie Williams and Stephen O'Reilly
Design by Laurel Hac.

by Neal Bell
Directed by Scott Illingworth
Featuring Aaron Costa Ganis, Rafi Silver and Andrew Hovelson
Design by Laurel Hac, Amy Rubin and David Bengali.

Hello Red!
by Christy Escobar
Directed by Larry Maslon
Featuring Christy Escobar
Design by Kristen Kopp, Drew Florida and Ika Avalia.

by Natalie Paul
Featuring Natalie Paul, Robbie Williams, and Marinda Anderson.

by Anne Troup
Featuring Anne Troup
Design by Angela Harner.

Paplooey a clown show
Featuring Ben Mehl, Julian Cihi and Stephen O'Reilly.

You're It
by Genevieve Angelson
Adapted from the work of Clifford Odets
Featuring Genevieve Angelson and Rafi Silver
Design by Drew Florida, Mikaela Liakata and Erin Shultz.


by Natalie Paul
Directed by Natalie Paul and Terence Nance
DP-Matthew Bray
Featuring Natalie Paul, Ohene Cornelius, Marie-Line Paul, Brittany Bellizaire.

"Bright Morning"
by Christy Escobar
Directed by
Christy Escobar and Ethan Goldwater
Editing and DP by Annie Escobar and Ethan Goldwater
Featuring Christy Escobar, Megan Ketch and Anne Troup.

"The Rapture of 1863"
by Stanton Nash
Directed by Dave Quay
DP-Rafi Silver
Featuring Andrew Hovelson and Jonas Goslow.

"Short Films by David Lam"
by David Lam