2nd – 6th

Translated by Carol Rocamora |Adapted by Carol Rocamora with Keith Reddin|Based on works by Sukhovo Kobylin|Directed by Mark Wing-Davey|
Set Design by Ika Avatiani|Costume Design by Beth Goldenberg|Lighting Design by Lisa Hsu

A neglected masterpiece of 19th Century Russian literature, this trilogy (boiled down into one evening) is a satirical portrait of human greed, personal pettiness, and the intractable corruption and incompetence of every bureaucratic system. The three parts, written while the author was himself in prison, veer from a satire of drawing-room melodrama to out-and-out expressionism, featuring a gallery of eccentric characters.

Tickets will be available on January 19th.

All performances at 111 2nd Avenue, 5th Floor

Playing opposite The Wild Duck

Lydia Petrovna
Pyotr Konstantinich Muromsky
Anna Antonovna Atuyeva
Mikhail Vasilich Krechinsky
Vladimir Dmitrich Nelkin
Ivan Ivanich Raspluyev
Kandid Kastorick Tarelkin
Maksim Maksimich Varravin