The Wild Duck

1st – 6th

by Henrik Ibsen|Directed by Paul Mullins|Set Design by Brittany Vasta|Costume Design by Amanda Shafran|Lighting Design by Ellen Moore

One of Ibsen's signature plays (and never produced at Grad Acting before), this psychological family drama penetrates deeply into the necessity of illusion and faith to propel the human spirit, as well as the hypocrisy of moral fanaticism. Hjalmar Ekdal embraces the warmth of his beloved family until his so-called best friend casts the cold eye of reality of Ekdal's home, extinguishing its nurturing flame.

Tickets will be available on January 18th.

All performances at 111 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor

Playing opposite K.M.T.

Haakon Werle
Gregers Werle
Old Ekdal
Hjalmar Ekdal
Gina Ekdal
Mrs. Soerby